Corporate Housing Project – 7 Part Series

Extended Stay – The 7 Steps to a Successful Project

If you are a global mobility professional, you will know that with an extended stay there are plenty of opportunities for the accommodation component of your project to become a nightmare, and being in a foreign country increases the risk — so much can go wrong.

Even if you are only moving people between cities in the same country, it is worth thinking through the requirements carefully. Accommodation failures can be a big distraction from the project, so get this right. After salaries, it is the second most important cost consideration too.

Paying big dollars does not guarantee a solution either. Months holed-up in a five-star hotel can be torturous, while a traditional serviced apartment may not be much better. Corporate apartments win for lifestyle and cost when the stay is for a month or more.

A thoughtful approach to extended stay accommodation can yield productivity and residential comfort for your employees, as an essential part of a successful project at a fraction of the cost.

We share with you our experience on how to improve your chances of having a successful extended stay project. At least you can get the living space right for the team members.

As Asia-Pacific’s most experienced extended stay accommodation provider, Convido Corporate Housing is uniquely placed to help multinational companies get great accommodation solutions for their employees who are on assignment in the region.

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1. Choose your extended stay provider with care.

2. A good enquiry will get a good corporate apartment proposal.

3. What to expect for your corporate housing budget.

4. Location! Location! Location!

5. Let’s define quality.

6. Service starts with a booking — It doesn’t end with one.

7. Employer of choice?…What your corporate accommodation solutions say about your company.