Corporate Apartment Checklist-Quality- Part 5

OK, you have found a great corporate apartment provider, you have given them a clear brief and the budget is set. You have identified the right location, now you need to know that the quality of the apartment and service meets your needs.

Corporate Apartment Quality Let’s Define It

No two corporate apartment providers are the same are the neither are the corporate apartments. Here are the main points for you to consider.

  1. The building
  2. The facilities
  3. The corporate apartment
  4. The inventory
  5. The cleaning
  6. The client service

We have already established that the location is right, but what is your first impression when you enter the building? Is the foyer bright and clean? Is it staffed by concierge? Is there a security guard on duty? This is not a concern everywhere, but expect 24-hour security of some form. This is of particular importance to female employees who need to be assured of a safe building.

Duty Of Care – Security

Some buildings, such as Freshwater Place in Melbourne have a large, nicely appointed foyer with friendly, polite, uniformed concierge, but there is no security guard. In Melbourne, none is required, but expect to see one in Manila or China. Other buildings may just have a security swipe entry system, which is perfectly adequate in some locations.

Good Facilities

Most buildings have great facilities for our guests, which could include; swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, BBQ area, community lounge, parking, games room. Check with your Destination account Manager which of these features the building has. It will also have been detailed in the written proposal you received.

The guest may have used a limo service from the airport and will always be met by one of the corporate apartment company’s employees. This is very important. This could the first time the person has visited the country and could be tired and disorientated. A friendly and helpful meet and greet will be a great way to start the stay.

You will have been offered a corporate apartment with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you requested. It will have air-con and heating appropriate for the climate. As a corporate housing service, all of the utilities will have been connected and included in the price. High-speed internet service will also be included and ready to go, with the password provided. Many guests are involved in the IT industry, therefore high-speed internet is essential and can be very expensive in hotels and serviced apartments. Depending on the city, cable TV may be a free or an additional service.

The inventory in the corporate apartment should pass a simple common-sense test. Would I expect this as a minimum in my own home? Clean and comfortable furniture, linen, functioning electrical appliances, cooking utensils, crockery, knives and forks, etc. Request a full inventory list from your Destination Account Manager to be reassured that all that is needed is there. Make additional requests if required. For example a baby cot and high-chair or office set.

Regular cleaning services are available and are free in most of our cities. Properly trained and trusted staff will replace linen and spotlessly clean the apartment. Again, request the cleaning specification if this is a concern for you.

Finally, but most importantly, expect exceptional service back-up from your corporate apartment provider.

It starts with a speedy and relevant response to your enquiry from the destination management team, which should include some options with clear descriptions and photos.

The guest will be met by a highly trained customer service representative who will deliver the keys, familiarize with the apartment and building facilities. They will provide all the information and contact details to ensure an enjoyable “home away from home” experience.

Maintenance issues must be attended to promptly and anyone who enters your apartment should be accompanied.

There will also be a 24/7 emergency service for any eventuality.

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