Corporate Housing Checklist-Summary – Part 7

Corporate Housing Checklist – Final Thoughts.

Perhaps you are one of the many multinational companies that have chosen to use our corporate housing Manila service or our corporate housing service in Australia.

If you are, we expect that you are very happy with our service, as our Guest Survey results would suggest.

Naturally, if you have not used us, we hope that you will. Either way, here is something to think about.

Employer of Choice? Really?

You work in the global mobility group of a large multinational or you work in a sophisticated H.R. environment. You take great care to get every aspect of employee conditions right. From our experience, in the accommodation sector, most of you do — however, some don’t.

Having read the previous blogs, you will know that there are many factors which influence the outcome of a successful project, and corporate housing is just one part. It is the second largest budgetary item after salaries and the quality-of-life issues are substantial for those on assignment.

We know of one IT company that seeks out student accommodation for its employees on assignment in Australia. You may know who we are talking about and their reputation is understandably low.

As with so many H.R. issues, there is a balance between cost management and meeting minimum employee expectations…and a benefit from exceeding them.

Some of our corporate housing clients offer a premium consulting service. They need the very best people in the industry. Some over-deliver on accommodation quality quite deliberately. They need to attract and retain the best internationally mobile people, so accommodation is not an afterthought for them.

The corporate housing option is a low-cost accommodation solution, but it can also be the best.

So corporate housing offers your employees lifestyle benefits and social freedom while on assignment. A happy project team is a productive project team, so if you are not familiar with this option, please give us a call.

Your comfort is our business.

We hope that you found this series of blogs useful. At Corporate Apartments International and Corporate Housing, after nearly 20 years of experience, we have ample evidence that our business model works for our clients. Some of whom have been with us for all of those years. If you are one of them, thank you so much for the great journey together, if you are not, then think about using us to deliver the best corporate housing solution.

If you have any further questions please feel free to call our Client Service staff at any of our locations. We are proudly not an internet company and would love to have a person to person conversation about your extended stay accommodation needs.