Executive Apartment Checklist Part 6-Arrival

Faultless Arrival At The Executive Apartment

The things that must go right:

  1. Limo pick-up
  2. Meet and Greet
  3. Property and city familiarization
  4. Welcome pack
  5. 24/7 problem resolution
  6. Maintenance Cleaning services
  7. Account Management
    • On-going assistance
    • Easy administration and invoicing
    • Management reporting

Airport Pick-up

An airport pick-up, which is free in some locations, is recommended, especially if this is the first visit.

Meet and Greet

A well-trained staff member will provide a comprehensive briefing on the executive apartment, the building, and the area. Communication details will be included, together with any special items you request.

Executive Apartment Welcome Pack

A welcome pack will include a food hamper, toiletries and basic administration information. Very often the guest has spent many hours travelling and will be offered a return visit after a rest, rather than an extensive briefing while jet-lagged.

24/7 Problem Resolution

This is a residential accommodation solution, without the hassles of direct leasing. The concept is that the employee simply has a comfortable ‘home away from home’  with nothing to worry about. It is the provider’s job to worry.


There should be no maintenance problems in a well-managed executive apartment, but the reality is that they do occur. They must be dealt with promptly. At no point should the guest have any contact with the landlord, the agent or maintenance technicians. If apartment entry is required, then it always accompanied by our staff.


A regular cleaning service will be provided. In some, cities it is an optional additional service, though in most it is free. Cleaners should be qualified and trained, with background checks.

Account Management

Our account management team is of the highest order with an administration and client-service backgrounds from the hospitality and real estate industries. They understand the guest’s needs and they understand yours. No reasonable request will be refused.

Administration and Management Reporting

Many multi-nationals require detailed management reporting for budgetary control purposes. They also require faultless administration. This presents no difficulty for an experienced executive apartment provider with good systems.

Should you choose Convido Corporate Housing in Manila, or Convido Corporate Housing in Australia, you can be sure that all of these services are in place.

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