Executive Apartment Project Checklist- Part 2

Executive apartment options abound, but you must get it right. Accommodation is not only the second highest cost after salaries, but the well-being and productivity of the project team is also at stake.

Experience tells us that employees prefer an executive apartment over traditional serviced apartments and hotels. For this option to work satisfactorily there has to be good management and good systems in the background.

If the guest, your employee, is going to have a great experience, there has to be an excellent, open, and professional relationship between the accommodation provider and you, the client.

So that brings us to the second check-list topic in this series of blogs.

A Good Executive Apartment Enquiry Gets A Good Proposal

The more information you give the executive apartment provider, the better able they are to give you a great executive apartment solution. So we need to know.

Where is the project?

One of the great advantages of choosing a corporate housing provider is that they will be able to accommodate your employee close to their workplace. For example, we have corporate apartments in Sydney, Melbourne and Manila. They can locate the person close to the office if that is what they want. Some don’t by the way.

What is the budget?

While searching for the most cost-effective accommodation solution available, keep in mind that apartments come in different shapes and sizes. In different buildings, on different levels, with differing bedroom numbers and facilities. These are all cost variables. The provider must know your budget to optimize the solution.

What are the parameters?

Many companies are happy for employees to share an executive apartment. Some prohibit it as a matter of policy. What is the seniority of the different project team members? Do they have different expectations? What will be the political implications of not getting this right? Do they want to be close to entertainment and dining options? Do they have children?
These are all factors that will influence the buildings and the apartments proposed by your chosen executive apartment provider.

Most importantly Talk to Us!

There is no substitute for having a conversation with you about your needs. Just call us. Talk to us about your needs and we will tailor a solution.
The best way to get a great executive apartment solution is to have a chat with your account manager in the destination city. They should speak English and the local language. They know the city intimately well and will stay with you throughout the booking process and beyond.

The Convido philosophy is “Think global – Deliver local”. Our people understand that our quality and service criteria must be met. They have delegated responsibility to deliver a great apartment in their local environment.

Time is of the essence

As a global mobility professional, or as an E.A. requiring accommodation for your boss or project team you need an answer NOW.

In Australia visa applications are taking ages and are then suddenly granted. You have to move fast. The flight is booked and the consultant is on the way. You need a response from your corporate housing provider immediately. Make sure that your chosen provider is up to delivering answers and solutions quickly and effectively.

Your Comfort is Our Business

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