Destination Manila? Have a Great Time!

If you just got a posting to Manila then you are in for a great time.

If you booked your executive apartment with Convido Corporate Housing, you took the first step towards having a wonderful professionally and socially rewarding stay.

If you are organising accommodation for others, there are some significant pitfalls. So be careful.

Work Hard Play Hard.

Work hard, play hard could be Manila’s motto. There are plenty of dining and entertainment options and you will soon discover an active social scene with many organisations ready to offer networking and recreation options, which we can introduce you to.

Your Convido executive apartment will provide you with a comfortable and private base from which to enjoy this exciting city.

A Great Place To Do Business.

Manila has a sense of self-confidence and success about it, with Philippine economic growth outpacing its regional neighbours. It has rapidly become a major location for multinational BPOs ( Business Processing Outsourcing ) and Call Centres.

Filipinos are well educated, English-speaking and hard-working. Add to this mix low labour rates and it becomes clear why Manila has become the world’s 2nd most important outsourcing location and no surprise that it has attracted a large, transient community of professionals on assignment, as well as more permanent ex-pats, many of whom have chosen to live in one of our executive apartments.

Choose Your Executive Apartment Location Carefully.

The traffic in Manila is frankly appalling, with public transport rudimentary. While there are some mass-transit projects on the way, the growth in private car ownership will continue to overwhelm the infrastructure. So if you are going to Manila on an assignment or booking accommodation for your employees, it is essential, that you take account of Manila’s congestion and weird geography. If you book an executive apartment in Makati and the workplace is in Bonifacio, you just built a major problem into the project.

This video will give you a sense of scale and development in the Metro Manila area:

Avoid Corporate Governance Problems.

Unfortunately, corruption and tax evasion are endemic in the Philippines. If you are an employee of a multinational company you need to be very alert to the corporate governance issues. At Convido our clients include International banks and embassies. We guarantee a clean supply chain for our executive apartments.

Your Duty Of Care.

Convido has been providing beautiful, safe and affordable apartments to multinational companies in Manila for more than 6 years and has recently added apartments in Cebu to the portfolio.

Our friendly English-speaking staff will be happy to find you the perfect accommodation solution in Manila and Cebu.

They will help you to ensure a safe, comfortable and convenient executive apartment solution.