Corporate housing versus hotels and serviced apartments – what are the benefits?

The corporate housing industry is at least 40 years old in the USA. There, it is acknowledged as the best option for extended stays for numerous reasons. Yet, in many other parts of the world, companies are still unaware of it.

Convido is the Asia Pacific’s leading supplier of corporate accommodation solutions and is working to educate businesses in the region on the benefits of corporate housing versus hotels and serviced apartments, for businesses and their employees alike.

Let’s review some of the benefits here:

1. Cost
A hotel room or serviced apartment of equivalent quality may be 40% more expensive.

2. Comfort
If the stay is for 28 days or more, a private apartment, in a normal residential environment, is going to be so much more comfortable than a hotel room or traditional serviced apartment. A Convido apartment is fully furnished with utilities connected, including free high-speed internet and all of the equipment, cooking facilities and utensils needed for an extended stay. All Convido apartments have laundry facilities and most have a pool and gym as well. All guests arrive to a perfectly clean apartment with fresh linen, a starter pack of household necessities and a welcome hamper too.

3. Risk management
With an assignment of six months or more, one might be tempted to sign a long-term lease with an estate agent. But what if the employee is reassigned or the project cancelled? A lease is a legally binding document, so if you signed for a year, it’s yours for a year. With Convido you have the flexibility of a fixed vacate date or 28 days notice.

4. Convenience for the client
You may have only a few days to find the apartment you need. Even if you have weeks, a property search can be a time consuming, stressful exercise with no guarantee of success. A call to Convido will help you identify your extended stay solution within minutes from our extensive portfolio.

5. Convenience for the guest
Our apartments are based in various locations in and around city centres. We can locate your employee close to the project, in the privacy and comfort of their own apartment.

6. Rapid response
We, at Convido have made ourselves very easy to do business with. Always just a phone call or email away, you will never find yourself in a phone queue with a recorded message during business hours. Expect an enquiry response within minutes from staff who live in that city and will help you make a decision you won’t regret.

7. Easy administration
Our booking procedures are designed to save you time and hassle. If you need detailed reporting you will get it, in the format you need it.

8. Personal meet and greet
Most of our guests are from overseas in an exciting new country for the first time, and they often arrive tired if not a little bewildered. A friendly customer service representative will meet them at the apartment to help them settle in. They will offer a detailed briefing and property tour. If sleep is the highest priority. A follow-up briefing will be offered.

9. Security
Security levels differ from country to country, and property to property, but a minimum is limited access via security swipe. In many locations 24-hour manned security is present. We understand your responsibility of the safety of your employees and we take our duty of care very seriously. Airbnb just doesn’t cut it!

So, the benefits of the corporate housing model are significant. Convido has been in Australia for more than 20 years and the Philippines for nearly 10 years, and our network across New Zealand, the USA and Canada is steadily growing. We have the experience you can trust. Enquire about your next extended stay with us today.

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