Manila Serviced Apartment Alternative

A Manila serviced apartment is not your only option if you are in town for a month or more. You should also consider a corporate apartment, for comfort, privacy and freedom. At Corporate Apartments International we have a wide range of executive apartments located in each of the commercial districts.

Location is Critical in Metro Manila.

The traffic in Manila is awful. Public transport options are very limited, so private cars and Jeepneys dominate the busy streets. If you are new to Manila or booking accommodation for others, it is vital that you seek local advice. A Manila serviced apartment may appear ideal, but if it is in Bonifacio and the project is in Makati, you will have a serious problem.

A Manila Serviced Apartment Does Make Sense for Short-stay.

Business travellers should not consider the informal short-stay market. Employers who take their “duty of care” seriously will discourage or even prohibit this option. Manila is not a dangerous environment if you make sensible choices. We strongly recommend Manila serviced apartments and hotels for stays of less than 28 days. If you are around for longer then our carefully selected apartment buildings will also provide a secure environment.

Numerous Advantages to the Corporate Apartment Option.

A cost of around 40% less than a Manila serviced apartment, together with the comfort and freedom offered by a normal residential environment, are compelling reasons to make this choice for an extended stay.

Work/life balance is just as important when on assignment as when at home. For a productive and successful assignment, employee comfort and amenity should be given ample consideration.

For the Global Mobility professional, you may wish to read the series of blogs on this site. They offer useful advice which will help you optimise your away-from-base project. Even if you don’t choose a Manila corporate apartment, there are some useful hints and tips here.