If You Are Going To Manila, Get Informed

Going To Manila? Get Off To A Fast Start.

Going to Manila can be a lot of fun, be it sightseeing or clubbing. It is a very welcoming place. You will not be at a loss for things to do and you will make friends with ease. Of course, you will get more out of it with a little up-front research.

Just go for a cocktail in Makati and say “Hi” to the person sitting next to you. Be they Filipino or blow-in, I guarantee you will have a friendly chat and lots of advice on how to get the most from your time in this lively city. The Filipino reputation for friendliness and hospitality is 100% true — and it rubs off. The Filipinos you will encounter professionally are typically very friendly, hard-working, English speaking and well educated. Do not under-estimate them.

Some research before you go is really worthwhile and we strongly recommend that you visit expatch.org for the best possible briefing on what to expect from The Philippines and Manila specifically. There is no more comprehensive source of local information, provided by knowledgeable local and western staff ‘on the ground, than this site.

This is no glossy travel brochure. If you are worried about being kidnapped (more likely in Minneapolis than Manila in this writers’ opinion), they will have some advice for you. Of course, if you are determined to get yourself into trouble, Manila will oblige, but it is not compulsory and expatch.org can help you avoid the more obvious mistakes. Crime rates are high, but it won’t touch you if you take common-sense precautions.

It will also provide you with details of the numerous organisations offering social and business contact opportunities. There are many organisations that welcome ex-pat involvement.

Visa Application If You Are Going To Manila

On a practical level, you will also get advice on navigating the bureaucratic labyrinth of the Philippines’ visa application system (not everything is fun in Manila!).

Check expatch.org out and get informed.

Have a great stay!

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