Booking corporate travel? Save time and money on accommodation with these three tips

Booking corporate travel for one or more executives can take an exhaustive amount of time – especially if booking an extended stay, when proximity to the project and lifestyle are important factors, and expense tends to rise.

Corporate housing in a residential environment, fully furnished to executive standards, is an often-overlooked accommodation option for extended stays, but with nightly prices comparable if not cheaper than hotels and Airbnbs, it’s a great way to save money when booking. This serviced apartment style of accommodation also offers lower risk and greater convenience over long-term leases.

Even better, there are Client Managers on-hand to save you trawling through options. Just send a quick email or pick up the phone for a brief chat about your preferences and have someone else present you with the best options for your budget.

So, if you’re booking corporate travel, try these three tips for saving time and money on accommodation:

1. Let somebody else do the research for you

If you’re constantly busy multitasking, it might be easier to outsource the time-consuming legwork involved in researching accommodation options. Whether your executives prefer modern residential living in sleek Adelaide CBD apartment buildings with rooftop gardens and the city’s best cafés and restaurants at ground level, or spacious open plan apartments in leafy-green streets just outside the CBD, they can live and work like locals in corporate accommodation that’s just right, without it taking you all day to find and book. Just describe your style and budget to a Client Manager and be presented with a great selection of apartment buildings to choose from, with fully furnished one, two and three-bedroom options.

2. Opt for a service provider that offers administrative support

There’s always so much to do beyond booking and it can be helpful to manage extras like airport transfers or car parks with the one service provider. Ideally, your provider will also offer financial reports that allow you to track guests against stays to help you save time at the tail-end. We hear from many of the executive assistants we work with that the personal ‘meet-and-greet’ welcome service we offer for key handover and briefing helps reduce administrative tasks as well – no more phone calls about not being able to find the key in the external lock box, issues with the internet at the property, or questions about the surrounds! Just get your executive on the plane and we’ll handle the rest. A friendly member of our team will always be onsite to showcase the property features, answer questions and offer local recommendations, so guests can quickly and easily settle in and get to work on the task at hand.

3. Choose accommodation that doesn’t fluctuate in pricing during peak-demand periods

Many accommodation providers increase prices during peak-demand periods. Prices will also often go up as you get closer to a stay date. Unlike hotels and Airbnbs, many corporate accommodation providers will offer flat rates. At Convido Corporate Housing we don’t inflate our pricing around events or holidays, so our corporate clients can easily budget with the peace of mind that rates will remain predictably constant.

Interested in learning more?

Read this blog for a great explanation on corporate housing vs hotels and serviced apartments, or contact us today.