Project Team Accommodation – A Critical Success Factor

Project Team Accommodation – Worth Getting Right


Project team accommodation will be the second biggest budget item after salaries if you are sending a project team to another city.  So careful consideration needs to be given to this, especially if you are in a competitive tender situation.

Even if it is an internal project, you will be responsible for keeping costs to a minimum. When the project exceeds a month you should consider the Corporate Apartment option. Also known as extended stay, corporate housing, or serviced residential apartments, all the major IT and consulting firms now use this option to keep costs under control.

Team Morale

However, the cheapest is not going to be the best. If you are expecting high performance, the project team accommodation has got to be:

– Secure

Project team accommodation solutions such as Airbnb expose your employees to unacceptable risk. Your duty of care is just as real while they are on assignment. If the project is overseas, then responsibility for the safety and well-being of your people takes on additional importance. All buildings must have appropriate levels of security.

– Comfortable

Comfort and work-life-balance don’t cease to be important just because they are on assignment. Productivity is of course influenced by the project team accommodation. A spacious, well-furnished apartment with all utilities, including high-speed internet for communicating with home, will help ensure a happy employee.

– Located close to the project

This takes on additional importance in a city such as Manila where traffic congestion is appalling and public transport rudimentary.

– Located close to leisure options

All work and no play? All of your assignees will be met at the corporate apartment for a friendly and comprehensive meet-and-greet. The briefing will include an introduction to the local entertainment options. As well as a detailed introduction to the project team accommodation.

– Hassle free

Our cleaning and maintenance services, together with 24/7 hotline, ensure that accommodation does not become a distracting problem for the team.

– With great amenities

Most properties have a gym, a pool and other communal amenities to provide an enjoyable community environment.

Have a great stay with Convido!

At Convido we are confident that we offer the best value for money when it comes to project team accommodation and we have a great reputation in the consulting and IT industries. We offer all of the above elements. Costs will be under control and your team will be happy and productive.